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Psycho Nutritional Therapy

This form of treatment is unique as it combines therapy with an analysis of the client’s dietary. Psycho-Nutritional Therapy is tailored to a client’s specific needs as a result of clinical assessments. Psychologists and counsellors help clients recover from their current condition and enjoy optimum emotional and physical health. At NuPsych™, unlike the drugs psychiatrists provide, we offer nutritional supplements that do not induce any side effects. They are made from natural chemicals that already exist in the body or brain. Furthermore, we provide several mental health tests to assess different aspects of unbalanced nutrition levels:

  • Neurotransmitter Test

⇒ This test allows us to measure the organic acids formed in various tissues or by intestinal microbes as metabolic metabolites or end products. Accumulation of organic acids in urine can indicate specific brain neurotransmitters imbalances including metabolites of dopamine, serotonin, noradrenalin, adrenalin as well as MOA and COMT activities indicating the efficiencies of neurotransmitters functioning.

⇒ Advantages of nutritional supplements to modify neurotransmitters include no dependency and other side effects such as brain cells apoptosis effected from long term use of psychotropic drugs (Allison & Rossouw, 2013; Rossouw 2013) and the other health benefits afforded such as supporting healthy cells methylation and promoting healthy hormones. These supplements include: SAMe, Tryptophan, methyl cobalamin, pyridoxal 5’-phosphate (methylated B6) as serotonin precursors; GABA boosting GABA directly; eugeroics (boosting Noradrenalin); ergoloid mesylates (MOA suppressor and dopamine enhancer); nootropics (frontal lobes activator and neurotransmitters receptors stimulator)

  • 24 Hours Urine Hormone Test

⇒ Imbalances & deficiencies in neurohormones ie hormones affecting functioning of neurotransmitters including melatonin, HGH, progesterone, Estriol, Estrone, Estradiol, Cortisol, DHEA, Testesterone, 2-OH Estradiol, 4-OH Estrone, 2-OH Estrone, 16α-OH Estrone,  can only be accurately tested by a 24 hours urine sampling providing the reliable true bioavailable status of these hormones offered by this test.

  • Hair Mineral Analysis Test (Heavy Metal Toxicity) 

⇒ With an ever-growing levels of toxic metals in the environment and the widespread mineral deficiencies resulting from this our lifestyles and poor dietary habit there is an increasing need for a tool to diagnose elemental imbalances. High levels of mercury, aluminum, cadmium and lead are known to cause brain cells death and neurotransmitters deficiencies.

⇒ Heavy Metal nutritional detoxifiers and chelators have distinct advantages over synthetic chelators such as DMSA, DMPS & EDTA because they are non invasive and will not chelate out essential minerals from the patients unlike the former. These natural heavy metals chelators include: liquid Cilantro, N Acetyl Cystein, Glutamine, Glycine, L Methione.  

  • Leaky Gut Test

⇒ This test allows us to measure the ‘Leaky Gut Syndrome’, which is a condition whereby the lining of the digestive tract becomes damaged and the contents of the gut can be too easily absorbed, allowing large food particles, bacterial products and toxins absorbed by the gut, initiating a series of gastrointestinal problems which leads to neurotransmitters imbalances as most neurotramsmitters are located in the gut.  

  • Comprehensive Stool Analysis Profile (CSAP) 

⇒ Stool testing can help us to identify poor digestion leaky gut & malabsorption toxin that contribute to gut dysbiosis. This is an essential test to provide information of the causes for poor gut health that caused neurotransmitters imbalances. The test identifies various parasites and opportunistic bacterias overgrowth, friendly bacterias status, adequacy of digestive enzymes as well as other critical gut health biomarkers. 

  • Krytopyrrole Test

⇒ It is a test for a group of chemical called pyrroles, which when in excess can dramatically affect the nervous system. A high incidence of this is demonstrated in neurotransmitters deficiencies.

  • Gene Test

⇒ Some people are born without the ability genetically for  good neurotransmitter and hormonal functions and cannot perform detoxification of free radicals and heavy metals. This test identifies these dysfunctions so that psychonutrional therapy can be prescribed tailored to the specific genetic deficiencies to  correct these dysfunctions.

  • Free Radical Test

⇒ Free Radicals can lead to inflammation of cells and brain, causing functioning of neurotransmitters. This test provides early detection of high free radicals presence as well as identifies dangerous levels of free radicals of your body.

  • DNA Damage Test

⇒ When there is too much toxins in the body from free radicals, heavy metals and other toxins, your  DNA will be damaged causing numerous premature aging effect including inflammation, oxidative stress, hormonal and neurotransmitters imbalances and dysfunctions.. This test identifies the level of DNA damage in your body so that the appropriate Psychonutritional therapy can be prescribed to reverse these damages and protect from future damages. 

  • Test for Delayed & Immediate Food Allergies / Intolerance

⇒ Food intolerances are often difficult to detect and can be an important factor in both acute and chronic physical as well as psychological health. Food allergies/intolerances are linked to the onset of inflammation and neurotransmitters imbalances. This test helps to identify the specific intolerance/allergy.