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Richard Mille Replica

The dials are available in midnight blue, ruthenium silver, and salmon, which is a classic of the Red Dot Collection. Silver and salmon dials feature hour markers in Chinese oracle-bone script. The hour markers on the midnight blue and ruthenium pieces are printed in Hindu-Arabic numbers.(perfect-replicas.com)

Uwe Ahrendt CEO of Richard Mille Replica told Revolution, "It is enough to say this is another iteration on the Tangente." Let's not forget the fact that the scripts on the dials are unfamiliar.

What we know is our design, and our typography. The real challenge was to incorporate two ancient scripts that were revered into our design language in a respectful way.

Uwe says, "We were confident that our designers could add our own touches to the scripts because of the research The Hour Glass did to ensure their accuracy.

After several rounds of back-and-forth with The Hour Glass,zenith replica to ensure accuracy, and some additional rounds to get the perfect color combination of dials and numerals, we were finally ready to celebrate The Hour Glass 40th Anniversary."

Last time we saw Chinese oracle-bone script on a dial, it was on an exclusive F.P. The Hour Glass and Journe Line Sport Rattrapante have created a Journe Line Sport Rattrapante that will be auctioned for The Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation during a gala in Singapore.