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Post Covid19 Positive Back to Work Fitness Test

Post Covid-19 positive fitness back to work screening
The current pandemic is a source of intense stress for you and your employees who have to go back to work after being tested positive for COVID19 and treated for it. They have been having the stress, guilt and fear of spreading the disease to their family members and colleagues as well as having the fear of death.
These fears, guilt and post-traumatic stress would affect you and your employees fitness and readiness to go back to work after being treated for COVID19. 
You or your post COVID19 positive employees may not be optimally productive or be acting professionally when you or they get back to work and compromise your or their quality and quantity of the being produced.
The International Psychology Centre conducts assessment for post COVID19 mental health fitness going back to work and gives your and your employees the gree light and assurance that you or your employees are fit psychologically to go back to work after being treated for COVID19 and that you and your employees are able to contribute optimally to your company productively and professionally using evidence based internationally validated psychology tests.
If the said green light is not given International Psychology Centre's teams of professional psychologists are able to use evidence based effective psychotherapy, counseling and/or with necessary psychiatric or natural PsychoNutritional medicines  to help you or your employees to be treated mentally so that you and your employees are fit emotionally to get back to work soonest. 
Patients can benefit from the International Psychology Centre services to help you and your employees to regain a positive outlook of life, enjoy good quality of life of personal and professional life and contribute optimally to your organisations as well as getting the resources to develop your resilience against future stressors.